Can Gold and Silver Protect The Middle Course From Extinction by Providing Safety?

Will the U.S. government make the middle class obsolete and create the “serfs” class? ? Many economists believe that an economic recovery is not possible for some time. Combine inflation with lower incomes, unemployment and a falling dollar and the typical American spouse or child is economically under attack. This is the calm right before the storm. Jim Sinclair is a well-known economist and cherished metals specialist. He believes that the economy will not experience a substantial recovery for longer than the usual ten. Sinclair thinks the center course will be stopped and that gold could cost $12,000. Who are we to believe with wall street forecasts for gold prices at $1700 per ounce? If you’re considering diversifying your retirement portfolio, a gold IRA might be the perfect solution, offering stability and potential growth beyond traditional investments

Let’s start by looking at a few financial predictors. These will help you distinguish between the rhetoric and the facts and make the right decisions that will help protect your family and prevent them from the monetary woes common to Americans in the future.

Let’s get going in Europe. The eu Union aims for the survival of afloat economies like Greece and Portugal. The European Union is nearing the breaking point. With it’s floundering Euro, Germany is asked to contribute money to Greece to keep the country from falling apart. Germany did this, in the knowledge that Greece would make necessary adjustments to “fix” its ailing economy. After a year, Greece now needs additional funds. Additionally, German citizens see their tax dollars headed to a state in which the individual has refused to change their lives in order to give their financial status back its life. The problem is made worse by the fact that Greece will not seek the funds through the European Union. Instead of going bankrupt and defaulting on their own credit cards debt, they will choose to change their lifestyle. Italy, Spain and Portugal are united with Greece. They prefer to default their own debts to be compelled by the European Union. In the past, Europe’s powerful economies covered up the weaknesses of the Union’s poorer members. Now, the EU is crumbling. This sensitive union will soon be broken down by a number of international governments, countries, cultures, languages and beliefs. This means that the Euro will be a troubled economic system in Europe. This crisis can be used to flee to gold and silver.