Tips for carpet cleaning with a tip for every stain

It is inevitable that, no matter how carefully you try to avoid it steam star carpet cleaning, something will drop and end up spilling on your carpet. Life is full of stains, dirt, and spills. Your carpet may be affected by these things, but it doesn’t have to.

General Carpet Cleaning Tips

Stain removal will be more efficient if you act as quickly as possible. Stains should generally be blotted and not rubbed. The liquid is absorbed by blotting, while rubbing only causes it to be rubbed into the carpet. Blotting the spill from outside inward will help to absorb the liquid.

Regular deep cleaning of carpets is important for their maintenance. It is more efficient to clean carpets if the dirt that has been ingrained over months and years does not need to be removed. It is worth investing in a deep cleaning or steam vacuum, which not only removes deep-seated dirt, but can also help with the removal of odors.

There is a stain for every type of surface.

If you are using a steam or deep cleaning vacuum, it is best to pre-treat stains before you use the machine.

Alcohol, Cooldrinks, Urine and Ice Cream:

These are all water-soluble stains, so to begin the cleaning procedure on these spillages you only need 1/4 teaspoon white vinegar in 1 liter water. Remember: Blotting is better than rubbing.

Coffee, Tea, Blood, Chocolate, Vomit & Wine:

First, absorb any excess liquid with a paper towel. You can remove any of these stains if your carpet does not contain wool or wool-blend. Dilute ammonia in water (1 cup) [1 teaspoon]. You are best to use a solution of laundry detergent and water if your carpet contains wool or wool-blend. Use your steam or deep cleaning vacuum to finish the job.

Candle Wax, Oil & Fat:

It’s a nightmare for many, but you don’t have to be one of them. Place a piece of paper over the spill and use a hot iron on the paper. Paper towel should stick to wax, oil or fat, leaving the carpet in its original condition.

Nail Polish

Dab gently and with care the stain using a cotton ball or bud soaked in nail varnish remover. Use as little as possible of nail polish to remove the stain. Nail polish can act as bleach and may damage fabrics, including carpets.
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